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"Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven!"

Henry V

Posted on 6th December 2016

Henry V

Henry V

The world feels full of strife at the moment. There is a great desire for wise and competent leadership, and much discussion about the absence of it. So when we were choosing which Shakespeare play to perform this year, Henry V seemed an apt choice. The wild youth, Harry, is transforming into Henry the King. There are factions, prejudices, impossible odds, idealistic dreams…

We split the role of Henry between two children. One played Henry ‘the King’, as he issued his royal edicts. The other played the man, Henry, who is coming to terms with his kingship, and struggling with loyalties and the loneliness of his new role.

Adam Foster, our new teacher, directed brilliantly. The children performed on the stage at Theatre by the Lake last week. If you’d like to see the play, they’re performing again on Tuesday 13th December at 6:30pm in St Oswald’s church. The play lasts about 40 minutes. It is a play for our times. Please come along.

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