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"Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven!"

Malcolm Tyson

Posted on 5th March 2019

There are some very, very good people in the world, who make a huge difference to others both in their own lifetime, and in the legacy they leave behind them. Malcolm Tyson, whose death was announced this week, was such a man.

His public service for the people of Lakes Parish was unstinting. He was instrumental in setting up the Kelsick Educational Foundation in its current amazing, well-organised form. He was always determined to make the most of Kelsick’s legacy, for theĀ sake of the children and young people of our area, and he approached this in a community-minded way which supported the wider sustainability of housing and commercial property in Ambleside.

He was also just a really kind-hearted, warm person, who was always enthusiastic about children, and about Grasmere School! He was such a good, loyal friend to our school, attending everything that he could. Once he became unable to come to our productions, it was a joy for our children to take their songs to him (as pictured below), which he loved. We loved him. We will miss him.

Thank you so much, Malcolm.

Malcolm Tyson