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"Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven!"


Posted on 2nd April 2019


Democracy is a noble theory. We use it all the time at school. We’re currently in the midst of a ‘democratic decision’ because the majority of our parents wanted our children to be at school this week, and so our Easter holidays don’t start until Friday. It’s working for most people, but probably not for everyone. That’s the trouble with democracy – if the vote is close, or you feel particularly strongly about the issue, or everyone else has apparently just gone mad, democracy can feel like an absolute mess.

So it is in society’s interests for us to explore ‘democracy’ with our future voters and potential leaders: the children.

They’ve designed political parties which they believe will improve our school community, if they are given the chance to put their manifestos into action. They shared their pledges with us this morning. There are some great ideas. Several of them overlap, and the parties are hoping to work together to fulfill all of their objectives.

Polling day is on Thursday. For the first time in Grasmere School voting history (recently at least), voters are allowed to make more than one cross on their ballot paper. You are encouraged to vote for all the ideas which you think would be productive. If you’d like to vote, please call into school on Thursday, or message us requesting an electronic ballot paper.

I think that the children have come up with some lovely ways of improving our life, very well expressed. See what you think… Their manifestos and their party political broadcasts will be available on the school FB page (@grasmereschool) shortly.