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Arts education should not be a luxury

Posted on 19th November 2019


Arts education should not be a luxury

Class 4 performed ‘A Midwinter Night’s Dream’ last night, at The Theatre by the Lake. And it was beautiful! The theatre director said that the children ‘were a highly professional company, who understood the language and were able to communicate it to the audience’. We were enthralled from beginning to end. Each individual child was confident, clear and in character throughout. The performance was perfect… and extremely entertaining.

Well done, Class 4. Awesome! Their attitude and behaviour throughout the whole project has also been impeccable, and commented on by all those who have worked with them.

Well done, Adam Foster, for doing such a great job of writing (well, pruning Shakespeare to great effect) and directing.Arts education should not be a luxury

Well done, all the staff and parents of Grasmere School, for instilling the habits of positivity, courage and hard work.

Why do we put so much emphasis on performance?

It’s hard! It takes a lot of self-discipline and boring repetition to create something like this. Children learn to work hard to create something as-good-as-it-can-possibly-be.

Together we can create something magical. Everyone is integrally important in a play.

Confidence. To physically ‘own’ the stage, and create a presence on it is an immensely powerful experience for a child. Learning to speak confidently, clearly and with authority is key to coping with many challenges in adult life.

Problem solving. There are many options… Questions can have more than one answer. Through exploration we find the ‘right’ way for us to speak.Arts education should not be a luxury

Celebration of multiple perspectives – a play’s words can be interpreted in many ways.

The stage is where some people shine… and often not the people you might think.

Dealing with stress. Coping with a rollercoaster of emotions and finding peace and a way to compose yourself.

It helps us to explore the range and variety of human emotion.

The words are treasures which will resurface throughout the children’s lives.

It is wonderful to produce something which feels perfect in that moment, and gives a lot of people a lot of pleasure. Memories…

For these reasons and many more, the performing arts are central to what we offer here at Grasmere School. (Shakespeare at Grasmere School)

Thank you to everyone, not least our wonderful children, who made this performance possible. A very special evening that will live long in the memory of all who were there.

Arts education should not be a luxury