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"Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven!"


Posted on 18th December 2019


They’re only three, four, five or six years old, but look at them! Such confidence. Such excitement. Such self-control. The singing was beautiful. It’s quite amazing how much they can learn and ‘own’. Well done, children. It was absolutely lovely… Congratulations, teachers and helpers. You’ve done a brilliant job.

It’s¬†fascinating to watch the children grow in confidence and performance skill, as they make their way up the school. On Thursday night, you’ll see some highly polished performances in Midwinter Night’s Dream. Can you remember our Year 6 children in their first Christmas Nativity? Year after year of performing instills self-belief, and deeply embeds the ability to look an audience in the eye, and deliver what you need to deliver. Such an important skill for life, in work and in personal relationships. It starts here!

Nativity Nativity Nativity Nativity Nativity Nativity Nativity