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"Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven!"

Head Teacher’s Blog

It takes a community to raise a child…

It takes a community to raise a child… I think our community is a very healthy one. It has a vibrant school, lots of groups and societies involving all ages, a wonderful location and a fantastic Health Centre. We’re really … Continue reading


They’re only three, four, five or six years old, but look at them! Such confidence. Such excitement. Such self-control. The singing was beautiful. It’s quite amazing how much they can learn and ‘own’. Well done, children. It was absolutely lovely… … Continue reading

We are the luckiest school in Britain…

We are the luckiest school in Britain… Tom Palmer is a best selling author and a very humble man. He has sent us the draft of his new novel, and asked us to comment. He really wanted the children to … Continue reading

Arts education should not be a luxury

  Class 4 performed ‘A Midwinter Night’s Dream’ last night, at The Theatre by the Lake. And it was beautiful! The theatre director said that the children ‘were a highly professional company, who understood the language and were able to … Continue reading

Hope Sings the Tune

“Hope sings the tune…” a concert for ‘Brexit Day’. Brexit day may have been postponed, but it was still wonderful to get together, to be reminded of the joy of being, working and playing together. It was a chance to … Continue reading


Democracy is a noble theory. We use it all the time at school. We’re currently in the midst of a ‘democratic decision’ because the majority of our parents wanted our children to be at school this week, and so our … Continue reading


We’re in Lent now, and the weather seems to be contributing to the feelings of endurance. The children have all talked about self discipline, and some have committed to certain challenges during the next few weeks. A couple of children … Continue reading

Malcolm Tyson

There are some very, very good people in the world, who make a huge difference to others both in their own lifetime, and in the legacy they leave behind them. Malcolm Tyson, whose death was announced this week, was such … Continue reading

Holocaust Memorial Day – A Reflection

We have been marking Holocaust Memorial Day, so it seems appropriate to share this education about tolerance and bravery. The Society of Friends (Quakers) are well known for their work on pacifism. As a group they won the Nobel Peace … Continue reading

Impressive Human Beings in Every Way

A year ago we were preparing for Year 6 SATs.  We’d been on our London residential, and we had all sorts of good things planned for the summer.  All of our Year 6 were working and playing hard.  They loved … Continue reading