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"Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven!"

Head Teacher’s Blog

Henry V

Henry V The world feels full of strife at the moment. There is a great desire for wise and competent leadership, and much discussion about the absence of it. So when we were choosing which Shakespeare play to perform this … Continue reading

The first day of school – just an ordinary day?

I loved watching the Olympics. All those ordinary people, having extraordinary moments as a result of team-work and tenacity. All of us ordinary people enjoying the extraordinary moments, with others, at the end of our “ordinary” days. There was chat … Continue reading

What’s the point of education?

“To be able to respond to all the challenges we face in life, honourably, courageously, positively, ambitiously and creatively.”  (Grasmere School Vision Statement)  We’re aiming to give children the skills, attitudes and confidence that will be a solid foundation for … Continue reading