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"Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven!"



Our curriculum aims to enable children to respond honourably, courageously, positively, ambitiously and creatively to the challenges they will face in their adult life.  It is a web of knowledge and understanding, which we plan for cohesively and sequentially.

We are educating for

  • Wisdom, knowledge and skills
  • Hope and aspiration
  • Community and living well together,
  • Dignity and respect

Our starting point when designing the curriculum was the question:

What learning should children at Grasmere School experience during nursery and primary years?

We built on the national curriculum in answering this question, to provide a locally relevant education, which responds to the needs and opportunities of our community.

We believe that there should be equality of experience, not just equality of opportunity.  So we plan for all our children to gain a great breadth of knowledge and skills which will open up future opportunities for them.

There is more information in our ‘Curriculum Statement’, which includes a summary of our long term planning.